Time to Make a Move

Once an audit is complete and recommendations made it is time to decide on what action to take. We can help you make those decisions.


Simple lower cost improvements and upgrades:


There are a number of easy fixes to save money on your energy and water bills, some of the easiest and lowest cost are replacing you incandescent lights with CFLs and LED lamps, replacing weather stripping around doors and windows, add storm windows and storm doors in winter, sealing holes around plumbing and lighting fixtures, replacing old appliances with new energy star units, having your HVAC system serviced, replacing faucets, shower heads and toilets with low flow water source units.


Serious Building improvements


  • Weatherization considers building envelop improvements, including adding or raising insulation levels, sealing air and moisture leaks in above and below grade walls, internal knee walls, roof and or ceiling and foundation walls and floor, and sealing, repairing or replacing windows and doors. Based on a much tighter home mechanical ventilation may be required and whether heat or energy recovery is important


  • Mechanical System Analysis includes heating, ventilation and cooling systems (HVAC) and renewable energy sources such as passive solar, photovoltaic solar and wind turbine. There are a number of HVAC technologies including fuel types and delivery systems. For a new home the initial concern is sizing the system for home comfort, response time and cost to operate. ASHREA models should be used to estimate the system size based on the homes heat and cooling load parameters. Once the system is sized correctly it’s important to follow specific installation procedures and test the operation thoroughly once installed. An added dimension of duct testing is required for a forced air system. A knowledgeable advocate during this process is important as many things can go wrong or get missed and this is where the money goes; a black hole both in initial cost for incorrectly sized systems, but more so with ongoing operating costs if operation is faulty.


Renewable energy products also need a sound financial analysis as payback times based on energy use can be much longer than some would have you believe.

Energy Conservation Pyramid

Source: Hunt Utilities Group