Energy Audits and Ratings

There are two energy programs, an energy audit and an energy audit and rating.


  • The energy audit is a visual inspection of the building including an envelope inspection for insulation levels and tightness, window and door worthiness, attic and crawl space/basement insulation, moisture and leakage inspection, electrical and plumbing fixture integrity.  We also include an HVAC system and appliance specification verification and energy rating. 


We also perform an actual leakage measurement test using a blower door tester and if the HVAC system is a forced air system a duct test will be performed for leakage.  These tests will conform to those required by the Residential Network standard (RESNET).  If excessive air leakage is found during the test diagnostic analysis using the blower door and infrared scanner will be used to isolate any major leakage sources.  A resulting report will outline any weaknesses found in the building envelope and or any of the other functions inspected or tested.  Recommendations for improvement will be provided.


  • The energy audit and rating performs all the functions of an energy audit above.  The rating function includes building orientation a full set of building measurements for area and volume of space; it also logs all building material statistics regarding insulation levels, door and window positions and specifications, mechanical system and appliance specifications, any renewable energy installations and much more.  All this information is imported into the RESNET software package together with the actual blower door and duct tester results.


The software compiles a number of results for heat loss and heat gain levels, it also calculates energy use, energy cost and the HERS rating based on the audited configuration.  If improvements are made based on the audit the software can show the results of such improvements in reduced energy use and reduced cost.  This information will provide return-on investment and payback time numbers. These numbers are required for Energy Efficient and Improvement Mortgages.


For new home ratings a pre-build model is constructed using drawings and material specifications and imported into the software; a statistical model is produced that gives the theoretical energy use, cost and expected HERS rating.