Green Home Energy Advisors offer services in all areas of residential energy and environmental management.  This includes new home design and construction, existing home analysis and diagnosis; upgrade recommendations and quality monitoring and inspection.

New Home Design and Construction

We work with you, your architect, builder and town authority to implement energy efficiency technology and practices where appropriate.  There are a number of options in every case and these have to be analyzed and selected based on both suitability and cost.



Energy Audits and Ratings

Energy audits and ratings are performed on new and existing homes.  New homes are modeled using architectural drawings and construction materials.  These models predict the results of the expected design. Once the home is constructed actual measurements are taken and the results compared to the model.  The actual tested results are the ones rated.  On existing homes actual measurements are taken and the results rated. Details


Show Me the Money

Once an audit is complete weaknesses will be highlighted; these can be associated with building envelope insulation and leakage levels, door and window structural breakdown, heating, ventilation and cooling systems efficiency, water heating, use volume and health management and electrical and appliance recommendations.  Details